Who we are…

Khululeka Community Education Development Centre is a Non-government Organisation established in 1989 in Queenstown, in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, with the aim of increasing access to relevant and appropriate early childhood development programmes, in support of, and in response to, the expressed needs of the communities which we serve.

We have always advocated and promoted the establishment of programmes, facilities, training, support and resources for the provision of high quality education and care of young children. In 2003, Khululeka confirmed its professional status by becoming the only HighScope Teacher Education Centre in Southern Africa.

The Organisation embraces a holistic and participatory approach to sustaining development and empowering communities with the skills necessary to manage and control their own community-based initiatives, in the interests of adults and young children.

It is our belief that

all children have the right to grow and develop within a context that is supportive of their development. Research findings continue to substantiate the belief that, without this critical foundation, a child’s later participation and inclusion in his/her society is severely hampered. In South Africa, a great number of children experience a childhood that is poverty stricken, physically violet and sexually abusive and many will grow up without adult supervision. These are factors that all impact negatively on the lives of young children and have serious long term implications.

All Early Childhood Development Interventions should demand a keen and very sound understanding of children’s needs and holistic developmental requirements. They also need an implacable acknowledgement that during their early development, the psychological, social and material needs of young children are best met by a constant group of dedicated people who have a deep vested, future-orientated interest in their well-being. When these conditions are missing, every effort must be made to encourage, support or establish them as they are critical to optimal human development.